Most of the obsession with Bitcoins right now is how the currency can be traded for vast amounts of United States Dollars. A single Bitcoin is worth nearly $1000 right now, though a crash of sorts is expected in the currency before its next peak. Some purists despise this speculative currency trading, and instead, wish to use Bitcoin as it was intended; as a free and democratized currency that does not adhere to any governing third party’s rules.

If you’re one of these purists looking to use your Bitcoins instead of just trading them away, you’ve got to wonder; where can I use them? Look no further. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most excellent ways to use your favorite cryptocurrency. Read on.


Reddit gets a bad rap. Usually, people define the message board site by its most harmful elements. A refusal to encroach on free speech on the site has indeed left some rogue parts of the board to fester and become incredibly hateful. For every one bad Reddit board, there are likely ten that are completely rational and civil. Regardless, this is beside the point. Reddit’s premium member functions can be purchased with Bitcoin, which is to be expected considering Reddit was one of the first places the currency caught traction due its sub-board dedicated to talking about it.


Looking for Bitcoin love? Dating site OkCupid will happily take your Bitcoins to allow you access to their premium features. Of course, if you want success on this dating site you better not fill your profile with talk about how much you love Bitcoins and the intricate workings of cryptocurrencies. If you do, what else will you talk about over dinner with your prospective dates? The key to making a real connection with someone is holding information about yourself back and gently easing it into the conversation as the date goes on.


Valve’s video game marketplace platform has long been at the forefront of technology and embracing the weird and wonderful creations of the tech-world. Their approach to non-regulation and open-source democratized technology is completely in line with the ethos that saw Bitcoin getting created in the first place. Valve actually hired an economist to work with them when renovating the Steam platform, embracing the mini-economies coming about thanks to avid fans creating and selling new content for their games. Steam and Bitcoin’s brand of weirdness is completely aligned.

Virgin Galactic

To the surprise of nobody, forward-thinking Richard Branson is more than happy to take Bitcoins when it comes to selling tickets on his premiere outer space airline. Admittedly, Virgin Galactic is still a long way off from happening for real, but that’ll give you plenty of time to save your Bitcoins for a trip to space. Trust me when I tell you this, you will go down in history if you are one of the first people to take a flight on Virgin Galactic. Not only will you be part of a privileged few to escape the planet briefly, but your name will be printed in the history books for generations to come. Possibly until the end of mankind.

Save The Children

Okay, so it’s not a tech company. It’s a charity. If you’ve got Bitcoins to turn and you aren’t going to exchange the currency for your own gain, then why not just give it all to a worthy cause? Just a few Bitcoins can mean a lot to a charity like Save the Children. Sure you can keep it all to yourself, or spend it on a trip to space, or an OkCupid subscription, or a bunch of video games, but don’t you want to give a little back to the world when you’ve been fortunate to accrue enough Bitcoins actually to spend?