Is that digital wallet full of Bitcoins burning a hole in your pocket or what? Unless you’re waiting for the currency to shoot even higher than it is already (at a massive $925 per Bitcoin), then you’re just wasting them. Why not enjoy yourself with your Bitcoins? Play a few games with them. You might even walk away with a few earnings if that happens.

The question you’re asking right now is likely “what games?” Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out. I’ve compiled you a list of a few games you might be interested in if you like a game of chance or two. Be warned, though. Don’t play games like this if you were intending on keeping those Bitcoins for one reason or another. If you’ve got some to spare, however, then great!


Let’s start off with a game that’s nice and easy. BlackJack is probably the easiest card game going right now, but also one of the most enjoyable, especially when Mr Green is running the table. Most people think Baccarat is more accessible, but when the complicated third card rule is invoked that notion goes entirely out of the window.

BlackJack is effectively a game of numbers, with the aim being to get to 21 or at least closer to it than your opponent. This is done by adding up the numerical value of the cards issued to you. Each player starts with two, and is then given a choice; either stick with your cards or draw more. The risk/reward element of drawing more is based on getting closer to 21, but also running the chance of going over 21 and immediately losing. Sounds like a good way to have fun, right?


There are many kinds of dice games so I won’t go into describing the rules here. You might wonder how a game that physically involves throwing dice can be done online. Well, it’s all about the numbers. There’s no real technique to throwing dice properly, and the result is always random. So, a random number generator is created in agreement with fair gambling laws to simulate the generation of numbers just as you would by throwing a dice. It may seem controversial to leave the result up to a number generator designed for a casino site, but their generators are regulated and have to meet fairness standards before being deployed. One of the best dice casinos out there is MegaDice – an specialising in dice games that are provably fair, and that accepts bitcoins.


If you love a strategic game of chance, Roulette is for you. The core of the game is about knowing when to be bold and when to be cautious. A ball is rolled onto a wheel of alternating numbers colored red or black up to the value of 36. Now, the interesting part is how you bet. Lower risk bets are split into categories like red or black, between 1-18 or 19-36, odd or even, you get the picture. The higher risk bets are obviously by placing it on a specific number, but of course, you get a larger reward as a result. It’s a pretty thrilling experience, which is why it’s one of the most popular casino games around.


This one is pure chance. You buy a ticket with an opportunity to win Bitcoins. The odds can be astronomical at times, but the enjoyment is in knowing that maybe, just maybe, it could be you. There’s not a lot to say about lottery games, but if you win, you can either reinvest those Bitcoins or exchange them for some serious United States Dollars.


If you’re looking to win, maybe the slots aren’t for you. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself, however, then you might have a good time playing slot machines. Online slot machines are far more advanced than their offline counterparts in my opinion. Offline slot machines are pretty simple because you have the physical element of pressing buttons and pulling levers to entertain you, but that component is totally missing from online slots. Instead, they make up for it by increasing the complexity of the game by introducing bonus parameters for increasing your chances of winning. It’ll take a little getting used to, but it certainly increases the fun all the same.