Everyone likes a bit of fun and games, but unfortunately, the daily grind of having to make a living means we don’t get to enjoy ourselves quite as much as we’d like. What if you could make an earning playing games, though? It could be your entire income, or it could be some additional cash that allows you to take it easy.

Now, you can’t just play any game. You can’t play Sudoku online for cash, as far as I’m aware. You need to get yourself into the realm of the traditional betting game. The solid, reliable earners. They take time, skill, and a little luck to get anywhere with them, but some incorporate a level of skill that should allow you to improve your skills and your payouts. Let’s stop beating around the bush; here are your options for winning real cash in online games.


The classic card game. Easy to play, simple to learn, but retains all the thrills of more complex card games all the same. The rules are pretty simple, it’s all about getting the numbers on your cards to add up to 21, or close enough. Each player initially gets two cards, with the option to stick with said cards or take more to increase the combined numerical value. It’s like a giant game of chicken, in effect. The more cards you take gets you closer to the magic number of 21, but also increases your risk of going over the figure and forfeiting your hand. You can play blackjack at pretty much any reputable casino online.


The rules of poker are too long to explain here, but it’s certainly one of the most popular card games online for a reason. If you want to feel like a real earner, this is the game you play. The rewards are significant, and there’s a strict psychological element you can use to your advantage. The so-called “poker face” is a term to describe players who do not project any kind of indication about what their hand may be. Poker online changes this aspect somewhat as you can’t properly read another player to know what kind of hand they’ve got, but all the same, it remains a game of projecting confidence in your cards and raising the stakes when possible.


Easy to play, and easy to win. Slot games are probably the most popular game both online and offline with people looking to earn a little money. Most offline slot games are pretty easy to understand and rarely introduce features that are beyond placing bets and pulling the lever. Online slot games are different and aim to give the player a little more to chew on by adding variable multipliers and a litany of bonuses to increase the odds of a payout. There’s ultimately no skill involved, however. The result, win or lose, are largely out of your hands and are only really based on whether the random number generation process favors you or not.


Again, Baccarat is a pretty easy card game. The one complication I would say there is, would be with the often invoked third card rule. It’s a pretty lengthy iteration of a tie-breaker. Now I know you’re thinking that ties are likely going to be rare, but in Baccarat they’re a relatively common occurrence. Personally, BlackJack is easier to learn, and Poker is more fun, but for the sake of variety in how you make your earnings learning how to play a few games of Baccarat may be in your favor.


Ah, the thinking man’s betting game. If you want to play the odds and make money without too many rules, here is where you do it. On the whole, Roulette bets are mostly split. You can bet on red or black, odd number or even number, or between numbers 1-18 or 19-36. You can also bet on an individual number. It should go without saying that there are varying levels of risk per type of bet, and that’s where the thinking comes in. Playing Roulette is playing the long game, and you have to prepare yourself for what kind of bets you expect to play five to ten turns in the future. It all depends on how you’re earning. Betting safe won’t accumulate big winnings, but likewise betting recklessly will only result in losses.