Gambling is always fun, no matter what sort of game you play. But, there’s no doubt that it’s just that little bit more fun when you know you can influence the outcome. Most gambling games are based solely on luck, and that’s why skill games are so sought after. It’s one of the reasons why Poker is so popular and played by so many people.


Imagine if slots were actually based on skill as well, how awesome would that be? Well, the realisation of this may actually be much closer than you would think. And we are on the cusp of seeing the first ever skill-based video gambling machine hit casinos in the United States. This is going to be a game-changer for casinos and players and could shake up the industry in a big way.


GameCo it’s the company behind this unprecedented move, and their CEO, Blaine Graboyes spoke about his desire to improve gaming for players. The VGM (videogame gambling machine) is very much like a slot game, but it has a controller, the sport you’d expect from an Xbox.


The idea of this is to combine the passions of gambling and videogames and merge them together. Players will be able to play a proper videogame in the casino and receive payouts based on their skill. It’s kind of a proponent of the eSports industry, which sees players compete for a financial reward. However, this could see players enter casinos and win money through their ability with computer games. It’s going to make the gambling world suddenly much more attractive to a lot of people.


Skill-based gaming is something that has been in the works for a long while, and it has finally come to fruition now. There are a few machines on the floor of Caesar’s in Atlantic City already. And, if they prove popular and successful, we could see these become universal.


The carousel-type machine will feature three separate arcade-style units where players will be able to enjoy single-player games and earn money at the same time. These games will all offer a story and narrative to help connect more with players. We could even wind up having the opportunity to do this in the future from our own living rooms!