Doom is one of the original and classic first-person shooter games ever released. It pits you against monsters which you have to take out to progress through the levels. Doom has become something of a modern classic since its release in 1993. It set in motion a whole slew of sci-fi horror games that would hit the market soon after.


The first-person shooter, one of the most popular and ubiquitous of video game genres, was pioneered here by the release and success of Doom. You assume to role of a space marine, and you have to take out legions of demons throughout the game. If you are looking for any games that are similar to Doom, this is a list of a few of our favourites.


Wolfenstein: The New Order


The Wolfenstein series of games is one of the longest running and most popular. The first game was 1981’s Castle Wolfenstein, a World War II based strategy shooter. There have been 10 games in total released in the series, but we recommend The New Order as the standout. It’s a solid and engaging action-adventure shooter and acts as sort of a reboot for the series. The game was nominated for multiple awards and has remained popular among players and critics alike.


Far Cry


Far Cry is one of the most popular video games of the past decade. It takes the basic Doom idea of a first-person shooter but also winds up doing so much more with it. It’s a combination of a wonderfully complex and involved adventure and mystery game. If you enjoyed Doom, but always found the idea limiting, and you wished you could take things further, this is definitely the game you need to try out.


Serious Sam


Serious Sam, silly name aside, is one of the cooler and more original shoot-em-up games available to play. Take on the role of protagonist Sam Stone, as he fights against the alien forces of Mental, hell-bent on destroying the world. The game is one of the more fun and fast-paced. It’s unlike a lot of the first-person shooters you’re probably used to, and it’s less dark than Doom. This is the other side of the shoot-em-up coin, but it’s still one of the most fun games online you can play. Try it out now, and then you can play the most recent one once you’ve got the hang of it.