Bitcoins! The currency of the future (or so many tech enthusiasts will tell you). If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’ve already got a few burning a hole in your digital pocket. While the user base of Bitcoin is growing by the millions year on year, adoption across the world is still pretty slow. Understandably most of the support for Bitcoins is coming from the tech sector, and while at the moment you can’t buy your groceries with your Bitcoins, you can certainly use them on apps.

Some of the apps listed here are Bitcoin-specific, but others are regular services that are forward-thinking enough to accept the currency. Either way, you’re going to get at least a few suggestions with what to do with them.


We’re starting off with the place Bitcoin arguably first got popular. Reddit is a message board. Well, it’s more a platform for message boards. If you want to talk about something I guarantee there is somewhere to talk about it on here. That can mean great things if you’re an enthusiast for an obscure discussion topic (again, how Bitcoin first caught on), but there are certain rogue elements of Reddit that are… well, not the type of people you’d want to associate with.

Regardless, Bitcoins allow you to buy access to premium membership. Sure you can pay in other currencies, but if you’ve got Bitcoins why not spend them?


Touted as a Bitcoin investment app, but it’s more like a change jar for Bitcoin. Effectively you link the app up to your regular bank account full of whatever fiat currency you use for daily non-Bitcoin expenditures, and then the app will round up the cost of your purchases and store the extra change as Bitcoin. Basically, if you buy a $9.99 DVD, the app will add on 1 Cent and store it as the Bitcoin equivalent.

The investment element of the app is tied to currency trading. If you’re looking to offload your Bitcoins for fiat currency, it might be best to use the app when the price of Bitcoins dips, or even crashes. It should then be easier, in theory, to accumulate Bitcoins through the rounding up process, and when the price goes back up you should be able to sell them for a profit.


If you’re bothered by the lack of adoption of Bitcoin in-store for major retailers, then look no further. The Fold app aims to expand Bitcoin’s reach by adding partner retailers to their system. Outfitting stores and training employees to deal in Bitcoin is probably not an investment that most big retailers want to deal with right now, but so long as the app is doing most of the work for them, they seem more than happy to take your money.

I haven’t used this app personally so I don’t know if you can walk into a supported retailer outlet and pay for your items. At the very least you should be able to buy items from their online stores with Bitcoin through the app, even if they don’t generally support the currency.


Gliph is kind of like the equivalent of eBay, but with support for Bitcoins. There’s not a tremendous amount more to it like that. If you’re not familiar with the concept of eBay, it’s an online marketplace for buying and selling items. Like a digital flea market, you can pretty much find anything on there. Gliph aims to be more than just a way to pay for these services via Bitcoin and intends to become the premiere mobile marketplace. There are definitely some big shoes to fill in that regard, but with any luck, they’ll manage it.


Looking for love in all the wrong places? You can give your OkCupid profile a boost by buying a premium membership with Bitcoins. Premium membership provides you with a gamut of extra features ranging from anonymous browsing, advanced search options, and making your profile appear more prominently in the randomized browsing. It’s not a bad deal if you’ve been struggling to find a partner to share your Bitcoin bliss with, is it? Just remember not to have your dating conversation repertoire limited exclusively to Bitcoins and how you spend them.